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My Faderport v2 doesn't Work! Can anyone help me?

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asked Jan 7, 2019 in FaderPort 2018 by juancarlosgonzlezlpez (190 points)
Hi everyone! I read some post before write a new post, but I didn't found what I was looking for. I bought my Faderport v2 one week ago but I'm not able to make it work! I proceed as the user manuals said. I installed all de uptades, firmwares, etc and apparently everything is ok, but my program doesn't react to any button. I use it in Studio One and in Logic Pro X which is my default program. I ckecked a lot of Youtube tutorials and nothing. The Input/Output is in PresonusFadeport... but nothing...

Can anyone help me? I read a message that said I need to make native my surface control. Did I miss any part on this?

Thank you so much!

Best regards!

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answered Jan 17, 2019 by nickmaggio (26,660 points)
selected Feb 6, 2019 by nickmaggio
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Hey juan Id reach out to Tech Support via the support Ticket System. they will be able to resolve your issue.
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answered Jan 7, 2019 by Jeff Stewart (140 points)
Hi Juan,

Make sure your version of Studio 1 is at 3.5.6 - and that you have completed the firmware update via UC.  This was the issue I was having and the software and firmware updates did the trick..  Best wishes..

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answered Jan 20, 2019 by juancarlosgonzlezlpez (190 points)
Hi! Jeff! The Studio One is already updated and nothing... I tried to contact with the tech support as nickmaggio suggested me. I'm waiting for an answer,

Thank you for helping me!
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answered Jan 24, 2019 by saxabbott (160 points)
I was having the same issue. I downloaded the latest version of UC (2.10), and updated Studio One Pro to 3.5.6. Ran the firmware update v3.03 on the Faderport, but still didn't see Faderport 2018 as an option in extensions, and the thing was just sitting there like a block of concrete. Then I found there is a Faderport 2018 extension, and I downloaded that, but when I looked in my extensions, it was grayed out with an error message. It took me a while, but finally saw that at the top of the update box there was a small message that said I had to restart Studio One for the extension to take effect. After I did that, the FPv2 seems to work OK. Try all those steps, and you may get lucky!
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answered Feb 25, 2019 by MixxWizard (180 points)
In this short video tutorial, I will show you have to reset, & get your Faderport 2018 buttons working in Studio One 4.

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answered Mar 25, 2019 by matthewcoombs (2,570 points)
I had the same problem with my FaderPort v2. It turned out to be a USB problem. For some reason it won't work in a USB 3.0 port, but works perfectly in USB 2.0 ports. And yes, I know that USB 3.0 is supposed to be backward compatible, but in this case it appears not! Hope this helps,

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answered May 4, 2022 by jospedromatias (140 points)
Hi !

After reset (just press "next" and turn it on), when the lights start blinking, you should select your daw.
"Solo" for Studio One, "Mute" for Logic, "Arm" for Live, "Bypass" for Cubase and "Touch" for Protools.

Check the PDF !