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Faderport V2 Link feature hovering doesn't work with 3d-party plugins

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asked Feb 4 in FaderPort 2018 by vitaliistepchenko (380 points)

I'm a bit not happy new owner of Faderport V2.

It's really disappointing that Link feature of Faderport V2 (when you hover over any parameter and could control it with the knob on Faderport) doesn't work with 3d-party plugins properly. The only way to use it is to click first on the parameter and then you can control it with the knob. What even worse is that until you click on some parameter in some plugin window, it's considered out of focus for Faderport, so you can change something under the plugin window without even knowing it. It's so lame!!!
Another issue is that when you press the knob to reset a parameter to a default value, it sets it zero, BUT not all parameters have zero as a default value, so the only way is still CTRL+mouse click or double mouse click depending on a plugin!

Is there any chance you'll fix these issues soon?


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