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Audio Technica Bluetooth headphones won't connect to configure as an audio device

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asked Jan 8, 2019 in Studio One 4 by keanm (140 points)
I have the ATH SR6BT headphones, and can't seem to wirelessly connect it to Studio One 4 through bluetooth. I tried to configure it as an audio device in the setup menu, but it always says,

"The sample rate does not match your audio device configuration.

The rate you set: 44.1 kHz

The rate the device has: 16.0 kHz."

If I connect the headphones despite the mismatched sample rates, the output is slow and blotchy. I've also tried to add my headphones as an aggregate device and format it from there, as that seemed to be the solution for another user on here, but the same pop-up happened and the sample rates still won't match. The headphones work just fine when plugged in with a wire, so I just need it to work with bluetooth alone.

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