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How to Configure Multiple Devices with Only One Laptop USB 3.x Port Available

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asked Jun 12, 2020 in Studio One 4 by garyschaff (500 points)
  • Your Computer Make and Model: Dell Inspiron 5559, i7 6th gen, 16GB, SSD
  • Operating System and Version: Windows 10 Professional
  • Product: Artist 4.6.2
  • Audio Interface: Studio 26c
  • USB Ports: Two 2.x ports, only one 3.x ports
    Acoustic Guitar (Two Mic'd, one Electric Acoustic); Vocals, some keyboard work

ISSUE:  My laptop has only one USB 3.x port (two 2.x ports), and an additional USB port cannot be added to this particular computer

I'm advised that it's advised o connect my 26c directly into the one USB 3.x port on the laptop
I have a powered 7-port USB 3.0 hub
I have an Akai MPK49 keyboard, a Korg M50 workstation, and an external USB 3.0 2TB SSD
The Akai and SSD provide USB 3.0 connectivity (not sure about the older circa Korg).
I've heard that it's preferred that the USB 3.x SSD also be connected directly into a 3.0 laptop port (there is only one)
Since the powered hub is also 3.0, is it effective o connect the SSD to the 3.0 hub, instead of the 3.0 port on the laptop; and still maintain an acceptable speed?
I understand that 3.0 will fall back to 2.0, if encountered anywhere during the trip, & that a 2.0 will (of course) stay a 2.0 for the entire trip.
I want to optimize as many of these 3.0 connections as possible, while minimizing latency of course.
I don't want to have to plug and unplug devices all the time, and have them all connected at all times, if feasible..

Although I have been writing somewhat for years, the last time I recorded was back in the mid-70's at Gold Star Studios up here on Santa Monica Blvd.  So with these amazing technological advancements and it's low cost, I want to at least try to make my mark and get at least some of my music out there before the proverbial lights go out.

All considered above (I , and understanding there could be some trade-offs, what configuration do you guys recommend to be optimal, all around.  Because obviously, not EVERYTHING can be connected to the 1 3.0 USB port on the laptop. Again as a beginner, I would appreciate any help, recommendations, or advice.  What configuration(s) would you personally recommend?

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