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Auto Select Event under Play Cursor on Selected Track

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asked Jan 10 in Editing by danchase (620 points)
It would be great if an option were available to automatically select the event on the selected track that is currently under the play cursor. This is the one thing that prevents me from editing completely on a controller, which is a workflow I've become very used to in other DAWs like Cubase.

For example, you're working on a lead vocal track and have it selected. You're jogging through, you get to a point where you want to lower the clip gain of a specific word. You split at the play cursor, jog to the end of the word, split at the play cursor. At this point you've created a new event that you can raise/lower the clip gain of, but no way to select it without the mouse pointer or the arrow keys. If this feature was an option, the event would already be selected by the play cursor.


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