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How do I select all events to the end of the track without selecting events before the cursor?

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asked Jul 1 in Studio One 6 by jordansummers2 (120 points)

I'm trying to use Studio One for podcast editing, and on occasion I need to make cuts. When I make those cuts, I need to grab each of the events in each of the tracks and close the space I cut out.

I use the "Strip Silence" tool to cut out most of the extra microphone noise before I start editing, because I need to listen to make sure it didn't cut someone off too early or too late (it's never perfect). The result is several very small events that I have to select whenever I'm listening along and find spots I need to edit out (like long gaps of silence or interruptions in the show).

The problem with all of these small events is that it's time consuming to drag the cursor across every track all the way to the end to highlight all the unedited parts and scooch them left to fill the gap I've created. This would be fine if it were only a few minutes worth of audio, but we're talking at least an hour of audio to select over and over again. I would use Time Zoom to more easily select everything, but by the time it's zoomed out enough to grab everything easily, it's also too small to grab just the specific events I want to grab; I end up grabbing the events before the cursor, events that I don't want to move.

Ideally, I need a way to select all events on all tracks from wherever the cursor is to the end of the song. Does anybody have an idea how to do this/achieve something similar? Any tips on improving my workflow is also appreciated.

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