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How to do I get Studio One to recognize and load WaveShell and all VST at startup on MAC S1 Pro 4?

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asked Jan 18, 2019 in Studio One 4 by michaelhoyt (170 points)
Is this a WAVES problem or a Studio One problem?  

I have had nothing but problems since I bought and loaded InPhase by Waves. Since Waves Central has loaded the plugin in my system, I have not been able to complete the opening plugin scan when opening the Studio One Pro 4.  The system pauses upon starting up after it scans VST, VST3 VST 2.4 but then it gets stuck 'Waiting for plug-in process'.   When I hit cancel to continue to start up, I need to go to preferences in studio one and click 'reset blacklists' and re-sign on.

Upon signing back on, Studio One gives the following error messages:   'Failed to scan WaveShell - VST3 10.0'. followed by Failed to scan VST3 9.92, VST3 9.7, VST9.92. and so on.  All are WaveShell VST's are getting re-blacklisted.  I cannot use any my WAVES files unless i go back in and manually run a scan to locate plugins.

Do you have any recommendations how I can fix this?

Mike Hoyt

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