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Import songs from Stuido One 2 to Studio One 4

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asked Jan 19 in Studio One 4 by Zheak1 (130 points)
Hi! I have Studio One 2 and want to upgrade to Studio One 4.

I've seen some posts about being able to open your S2 songs in S3, and your S3 songs in S4. But does it work the same all the way? Will I be able to open my songs which I made in S2 and continue working on them in S4?

Thank you

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answered Jan 24 by seanmckeown1 (350 points)

Song files created in Studio One version 2 and version 3 can be opened in Studio One 4. 

A helpful tip: 

When songs created in older versions of Studio One such as version 2 or version 3 are opened in Studio One 4 for the first time, you may wish to save a new copy of these songs (e.g. if you open 'SongName.Song' >> save as 'SongName_v4.Song'). 

This is so that you can still open the original Song files using the version of Studio One in which they were created, which can be useful if you want to send a song originally created in Studio One 3 to a friend who does not have Studio One 4 for example.