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Studio one 5.5.2 - not used for old songs from S1 5.5.0

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asked Jul 31 in Studio One 5 by zdenkopastva (140 points)
After installing S1 5.5.2, the Volume indicators started working with a delay on already existing songs that worked OK in S1 5.5.0, and the response to the speed of working with the mouse is also much slower (unbearably so). If I open a plug-in from a certain instrument (e.g. Kick - Pro EQ), it is displayed on the far right of the monitor and cannot be extended, e.g. to the center of the monitor. And to make matters worse, even when using e.g. Reverb on about 10 channels (instruments) the recording starts to growl!
However, if I create a new empty song, set individual channels and copy RAW tracks to this section, everything goes OK - as before on S1 5.5.0.

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