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Transferring files from studio one 2.0 to a newer version that is compatible with windows 10

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asked Jan 30 in Studio One 4 by SirAlexander (120 points)
Since yesterday I have used studio one 2.0 with windows vista.  My old laptop finally died and I am troubleshooting ways to get all my studio one files from my old hard drive transferred to a newer version of studio one.  If I buy and download a new version of studio one and then transfer my old 2.0 files to my new windows 10 laptop will I be able to access them in a newer version of studio one?

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answered Feb 1 by cdricblanqui (340 points)

i think yes. You just have to save the "songs" directory from studio one where all song files are stored.

Then on yout new computer, replace the "songs" directory created by the new version with the old one.

Should work.