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asked Feb 13 in Studio One 4 by rnasto (190 points)


Thank you for the information, however, I am trying to figure out why my midi device is not receiving playback from Studio One.  I have a midi track created, that I used a midi device to input, and when I want to play it back from the laptop through the midi device (Yamaha Clavinova), there is no transmission signal being sent.  Here is a screen shot of my external setup.  Other programs I have are playing through my midi device, but not Studio which is why I am thinking there is a setup issue in Studio. 

Thank you again...

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answered Feb 13 by pauldecesare (4,380 points)

And on your instrument track you have the blue monitor button on, correct? Also, drag the track down wider and make sure your keyboard is selected for input. You see my LPK25 there as an example. Yours will say New Keyboard because it looks like you didn't name it when you set it up but that works. LASTLY, when you play the keyboard, you should see the activity bar jump up and down. It's the vertical orange bar that's between the lighter gray area with the track controls live and the black timeline to the right where the cursor is in the screenshot. If you are getting MIDI activity that bar will light up like and audio meter. After that you have to have sound, unless your audio device for the entire DAW isn't set up. If you import an mp3 and play it you can verify you have sound regardless.