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Why are the download speeds of the Pro upgrade from artist so ridiculously slow? Question was asked but not answered.

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asked Feb 7, 2019 in Studio One 4 by williamkelley2 (110 points)
I have the same problem that all these other user are having. 60 KB per second download speeds for my Studio One Pro upgrade.

     This is ridiculous. It is taking days and this is Presonus and not our routers, internet speeds or our fault. I have 200 mbps download speed. I can't install other plugins or shut down Studio One 4 Pro until this is done. I have 32 gigs of memory and an Intel i7 processor, 4 terabytes of storage on a Windows 10 PC. I don't know if Presonus just gave access to a clean install of Studio One Professional other than upgrading Artist would eliminate the problem but that would make sense to me other than aggravating people purchasing the upgrade. Is it taking days to download when people purchase the full installation of Studio One Professional? I don't think so. Can I get an answer that fixes my problem?

     I use a Studio 26 audio interface not that it has anything to do with this problem.



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