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External processor in studio one

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asked Feb 16 in Studio One 4 by jbair (340 points)
So I had bought the lexicon mx200. Never was able to use it until I finally upgraded my interface to the 1824 presonus. Well got the 1824 all hooked up and running properly after minor problems but it’s working great. So I plugged my lexicon mx200 into the spdif ports. The “out” from the mx200 into the “in” on the 1824. Also the “in” from the mx200 into the “out” on the 1824. When I opened studio one 4. My main output was being ran thru the lexicon mx200. Lmao was very loud and annoying. I don’t know much about using an external processor. So I unplugged the lexicon mx200. I would like to use it for vocal tracks haha obviously not thru my main output. So any info on why this is happening and how to fix it to work with in single track would be much appreciated. This is the last bug in my studio and I’d be so grateful to be guided the right direction and have my studio all working together  thanks in advance

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