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Navigate Plugin Presets with Faderport

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asked Feb 19, 2019 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by danchase (680 points)
Please implement a way to navigate plugin presets with the Faderport 8/16. Something, perhaps, with the Pan knob while in "Edit Plugins" mode? You could press the knob to open the presets menu, turn the knob to scroll through, press the knob to expand folders and select presets?

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answered Mar 3 by CPhoenix (540 points)
I second this. Pleeeassseeeee do this. I just reached for a way to do this but realized I can't.

I have my assignable buttons set up to add specific plugins to a channel, and it would be so easy if I could select next/prev preset. For example... I have one button setup to add Pipeline. If I could next/prev presets... I could easily navigate to my favorite hardware.