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S192 input to output routing setup issues

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asked Feb 20, 2019 in Studio One 3 by jyarnold (190 points)
Thanks for reply Aryfh,  I've tried that.  If I plug my bass into input 5 and set output to line out 5 connected to my bass amp in S1 I hear the bass on the bass amp and on the monitors connected to main outs.  I also hear my guitar plugged into line input 1 on the bass amp when output set to Main.  

It's as if the input signals are outputting to all outputs and ignoring my settings.  I played with the A-B-C speaker setups and it did not help.  Wondering if I'm having some sort of driver issue on my Windows 10 PC, everything else however is working as expected.  May need to open support ticket.  Or maybe I'm just not understanding how the mixing works.  

And I'm not seeing output options in UC surface.  I need to output bass to bass amp, guitars and voice to monitors, drums to drum amp etc without any channel bleeding.  This is for live recording project combined with live performance.  Thanks for ideas
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answered Feb 21, 2019 by jamesyoung14 (290 points)
1.  Set all your inputs and outputs proper in the audio setup.

2. Set all your inputs and outputs on each channel.

3. On my hardware, I select all the channels in the project group them.  Then I create a bus with those channels.

4. I then ungroup and delete the new bus fader.  

I am not sure why... but it works for me.  once you get it right, create a template so you have those saved.