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Mixer recommendation to use with Studio One 3 Artist and Win 10 x64

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asked Feb 23, 2019 in Studio One 4 by brettgowder (120 points)
I have a new Win10 machine and the Audiobox USB interface, but would like to connect into 12 channels and never had to switch out instrument cables again, i.e., set it and forget it. With the Audiobox USB interface, I'm constantly switching out instruments, so I added in a non-USB ********* 1202, but it doesn't seem ideal. Plus, I'm getting lots of latency,

For a few hundred dollars, what would be the ideal setup to record on a Win10 machine like mine and connecting two keyboards (stereo), two guitars, one bass guitar and two vocal mics? Can I get away with a ********* 16 channel USB mixer? Should I get Presonus gear?

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