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I own Studio one 3 Pro, and am unable to remove vocals from my audio tracks, nor find solutions in the Help veiwer

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asked Feb 26, 2019 in Editing by jonathancosme (120 points)
I have all of the bells, and whistles, just none of the know how.

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answered Feb 26, 2019 by LucasTX (2,680 points)
I am trying to understand what it is you are trying to do ... are the vocals embedded in an audio track along with other instruments?  If so, I don't know any way to remove them - you might be able make them less prominent using eq (lowering the level of the frequencies where the vocals are prominent.  There is "karaoke" software that supposedly removes vocals - but it often works by identifying a signal that is identical on both left and right channels and removing it - that works when the vocal was the only thing put exactly in the center of the mix.

If the vocal is on its own separate track, it should be a simple matter to select it, and delete it.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.