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I love S1 but hate it’s GUI

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asked Feb 28 in Studio One Feature Requests by sasarajak (2,880 points)
The features in S1 are great, but the graphics are below average, in my opinion.
The way Presonus team implemented colour scheme customisation reminds me of old TV units from ‘80s.
I wish the GUI was more precise in terms of waveform drawing, midi event vs grid and editor background contrast, more defined borders between tracks/events in arrangement area etc.

I wish to have ability to pick editor/arrangement background colour independently, and it not getting affected by “luminance” controls in the options.

Cubase is way better in this department

2 Answers

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answered Mar 6 by Contrust (2,870 points)
Totally agree on it! S1 ver2 looked MUCH better. This desperate grey flat 2d design was a awefull choice.
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answered Mar 8 by sasarajak (2,880 points)
I don’t think there will be much improvement on this any time soon.