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Help - I'm frustrated. Not at anything Presonus has done.... I downloaded a "free" plug-in from Slate Digital.

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asked Dec 30, 2015 in Studio One 3 by smeiman (1,600 points)
I've never used an iLok Dongle or have any idea what it is.  After I went through all of the steps and opened Studio One 3 Pro it said that I (still) had to activate the software with the iLok Dongle....  I know Slate Digital is fine equipment I have the SSD4 (and it was not easy to activate either, always have to call to get help), but that program does not require the iLok.  I don't plan to use too many of this type of plug-in - Presonus' stuff is pretty dang good.  So I unistalled the software but when I start Studio One 3 I still get the error message that I need to activate the software with the iLok Dongle.  How do I remove this software from Studio One 3 Pro on a MacBook Pro 13" running Yosemite?

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answered Dec 30, 2015 by smeiman (1,600 points)
selected Mar 29, 2017 by AlexTinsley
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Thank you so much "musician2373" and Bob Landry!  I looked for about 30 minutes for the "Macintosh HD" icon.  There are some things that I hid on my Macbook that was one of them.  Then I remembered that Mr.Landry had a section in the Knowledge Base about removing the VSL software on a Mac.  Got my mouse out, right clicked on the FINDER icon and typed in Library.  It was easy just like you said it was.  Thanks again.  All of you, a great family to be a member.