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Upgrade from Old Artist 2 to Artist 4

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asked Mar 14, 2019 in Studio One 4 by max pyger (140 points)
Hello to you. I'm Hrache. A simple question I have and it's about older to a newer version upgrade; so basically I've Studio One Artist 2.6 which I obtained with Nektars Impact LX-49 Midi keyboard and want to upgrade that very old version to a newer version of its line. What I should do?

Thank you for your attention, within best regards Hrache !

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answered Mar 16, 2019 by christiankern2 (360 points)

Go to your Presonus Profile - Your Products - Software - Studio One Artist 2 - Then click "Upgrade". Now you have to enter your key.

The upgrade is available from Presonus in the shop as a digital version for $ 49 or in a music store as a box for the same price

asked Mar 16, 2019 in Studio One 4 by max pyger (140 points)
edited Mar 16, 2019 by max pyger