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Add image to illustrate scores

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asked Mar 17, 2019 in Notion by alexchu2 (150 points)


I am running the Notion trial software to evaluate if I should spend the money to buy it.

I have been using MuseScore.    There is a feature  "Formatting -> images"  in MuseScore:

You can use Images to illustrate scores, or to add symbols that are not included in the standard palettes. MuseScore supports the following formats:

  • PNG (*.png)
  • JPEG (*.jpg and *.jpeg)
  • SVG (*.svg) (MuseScore currently does not support SVG shading, blurring, clipping or masking.)

This is from web page    I have been using this to put piano chord diagram of keys to the music score sheet (see below 1st image), and also I can save that image inside a custom palette in MuseScore, which I named it "Piano Chord Diagrams" (see below 2nd image, and the web page 

I cannot find such features in Notion, which only have guitar chord fret-board diagrams.


I cannot find any similar feature in Notion 6.5.   Please help.

I am running Notion 6.5 on Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit.

Alex Chu

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