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How to write for the bell tree in notion6?

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asked Jul 17, 2019 in Notion by qwertyuiopqwertyuiop4 (200 points)
edited Jul 17, 2019 by qwertyuiopqwertyuiop4
I have no idea how to make playback happen for the bell tree - should i use ghost notes or specific note heads? - since normal note heads are not producing any sound during playback. I have treid placing the "soft mallet" under the stave where i want the bell tree to sound yet nothing is happening?

I found out that a bell tree is not the same as a mark tree (chimes on a bar) and have realised thatnotion does not support this instrument - this is strange as a make tree is a very common percussion instrument (either that or i am still using the wrong name and just cant find it in the instruemnts section. I fi am correct please add mark tree to the list of instruemnts which come free with notion 6 as it is a very typical percussion instruemt.

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