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How to simultaneously play audio from Spotify/YouTube at the same time as using Studio One 4?

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asked Mar 22, 2019 in Studio One 4 by jaiminmistry (130 points)
I have tried checking the 'Release audio device in background' box in Audio Setup and have also unchecked the two boxes in the Windows audio settings but I cannot get both of them to play audio at the same time. This is most used when I want to play along to a certain song using my MIDI keyboard with a piano preset. If I keep the Release Audio box checked, it will stop audio being played from Studio One, as expected, when I switch to another application. I can see this change happening in the Audio Setup menu as it changes Audio Device. If I dont check this box and only un-check the boxes in the Windows Audio Settings then only the sound from Spotify/YouTube will play. I can see in Studio One that the volume changes but no sound is produced. This is the only problem I am having after switching from FL Studio so I would really like to get this fixed.

I run Windows 10 64bit, I have an i7 8750H and 16GB of RAM. I don't use an audio interface, just the built in audio card from my laptop. I use the ASIO4ALL V2 audio drivers(?)/device. I used all the same equipment and drivers on FL Studio without any issue so I'm unsure as to what the issue is or even if this is possible.

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answered May 7 by israelcervantes1 (140 points)
i have the same problem, did you find the solution?