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Why does the editor open every time I click on audio or midi in the mix window?

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asked Mar 28, 2019 in Studio One 4 by craigyork (280 points)
How can I stop the editor window from opening every time I click on audio or midi in the mix window. This is real irritating. Sometimes I just want to move it to another track or place in the sequencer.

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answered Mar 28, 2019 by johnmaynard2 (370 points)
Hi, I assume your in Studio One. My edit window opens when I double click an event in the arrange view. I’ve had a quick look to see if I can change to one click opening of events, no luck. It’s got to be something simple.
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answered Mar 28, 2019 by craigyork (280 points)
@johnmaynard - thanks .. it has to be something simple because I never had this problem before. Probably one of those commands that it staring me in the face and I just can't see it. I got so fed up I just transferred the stems into Pro Tools and finished the mix. Its funny because Pro Tools is like that ex-girlfriend that you couldn't live with but she is there when you need her I love my Studio One, but Pro Tools is becoming my mistress .... LOL

Presonus if your reading this .. please tell me how to fix it. I hate reinstalling software and this will be my 3rd time doing so just to try to fix a problem.