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When i bounce a midi inside the projekt or reverb an audio, its empty the next time i open the project. Why?!

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asked Mar 14, 2020 in Studio One 4 by simonkarrer (120 points)
So hi people. I have the problem when i bounce an event from a midi file to an audio file , or thr same when i reverse an audiofile its no problem in the moment... but when i close the projekt and go to sleep.. next day i open my song its allways the bounced midi files and the reverse audio that not show up anymore..the event is still there but its empty and i hear nothing... but when i go to the folder  bounces the are all there and it came not a message for some file is not find or something.. please if anybody can help its reeeaallyy  because so much work and then its lost...  best regards simon from swiss :) hope someone can answer

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