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Why AUTOMATION EVENTS ARE THE BEST IMPROVEMENT for automations you can imagine!!!

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asked Mar 30 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by Michael1985 (7,160 points)

Automation events are like audio or MIDI events, but instead audio or MIDI, they store automations.

Why they are so good:

1.You can have your original track automation which is just deactivated if an automation event is above (fast&easy testing)

2.You can move fast&easy automation data from track to track&song to song

3.You can save automation events in your browser and drag&drop them whereever you want!

4.You can shorten it, duplicate it, reverse it, stretch it and delete it WITHOUT ANY RANGE SELECTION BEFORE!

5.You can make fast&easy complex on/off automation if the common automation is off and the automation event(s) is/are "on"

6.You can arrange your song much more intuitve with automation events!

7.You still can use track automations if wanted!


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