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WHY a ynamic pitch automation for ALL KIND of tracks is REALLY useful!

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asked Jul 10, 2019 in Editing by Michael1985 (12,820 points)
Beside Instrument Tracks, also Audio and Bus Tracks should have a indepentend pitch parameter (like their volume parameter, with +24/-24 halftones and different algorithms for percussion and tonal)

Why is this so important? because a good DAW provides the full control over audio material and instruments to: make.sound design with modulation/automation of the pitch

(if we get the modulators, a pitch parameter could be also modulated)

Yes there is Melodyne, but also Melodyne has no pitch automation, it just detectes the different pitch values to change every single one without a graduate changing possibilty.

Im using "Elastque Pitch" now for pitch automations, a good plugin but with a HUGE latency...So huge that I need to bounce it after using it to avoid delays.

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