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Can I change my I/0 setup to route the master output to usb??

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asked Apr 14, 2019 in Studio One 4 by dominico39shaughnessy (120 points)
I am using studio one 4 professional with an AR12 desk. I recently bought the ********* Xenyx CONTROL2USB so I would be able to quickly switch between 3 sets of speakers but I can’t select or even see the xenyx when I enter the I/O setup. Is the a way to select a separate usb device as the main output or do I have to use XLR to jack from the main outs on my desk? I also want to use the ********* to control my cue mixes and to talk to the vocal booth. The ********* runs on a generic driver and I can’t find any kind of driver update or ASIO to make it visible in Studio one

Thanks for any help

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