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Track Velocity Meters instead of plain track  instrument signal indicator

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asked Apr 14, 2019 in Look and Feel by Lokeyfly (1,650 points)
Feature request: The ability to view note velocity in place of the off/on only signal indication that exists currently for each instrument track  (audio meters remain unchanged). The meter while should clearly display level of incoming controller velocity by means of the same meter-like vertical bar. The enhancement would display controller velocity level, and or utilize color to aid in these differences.

Below are some listed possibilities, or suggestions how this might be achieved. (Followed by benefits).

1. Instrument tracks each display in place of existing MIDI activity indicator (revealing only a on/off blue bar), a 3 color activity (blu/yel/org) indication of instrumemt velocity. The bar would additionally vary in height as to velocity strength (the MIDI equivalent of 0 to 127). Note: The color red should not be used as it would interfere with an audio peak reading which velocity has nothing to do with.

2. Instrument tracks each display a gradation of signal velocity at the same location in blue. Much like a meter does with audio, but keeps the same color.

3. The same vertical shaped bar utilizing on off indication, maintins the same size, yet changes color to reveal velocity strength. Perhaps, blue, to yellow to orange. Again, no use of red.

4. The option to include any of the above including the option to keep the same on/off indicator that exists currently (S1 versions 1 thru 4) for instrument tracks, for those who prefer the standard on/off indicator.

Benefits or this feature: A clear velocity reading of controller strength coming in (typically a velocity attack of all controllers, from percussion,  guitar, flute, etc. The combination of such information along with the already in place basic vertical audio bar graph would create an improved tracks input environment. All while remaining clutter free. It would also lend to a more sophisticated class leading front end of the arrangement view.

All very do able and keeping the existing  elegant design in place along with consideration for the user who simply wishes to keep the existing instrument on/off indicator intact if they wish. Nothing out of the ordinary, yet providing a more exciting use of incoming real time velocity information.

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