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STUDIOLIVE MIXERS CANNOT OVERDUB !!!???!!! 4-track cassette tape can overdub. StudioLive mixers can't.

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asked Apr 16, 2019 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by bennettwilliams1 (240 points)
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With respect to the NEW StudioLive mixers (2019) and the latest firmware, and during SD recording without a computer:

I want to record my drum tracks first, and then go back and record guitar and bass on other open tracks in the same song. This seems like a no-brainer when designing recording equipment, yet I am under the impression that this is NOT a feature the StudioLive mixers allow. Is this true?  If so, this would mean that once tracks are laid down in any particular song, that it would be impossible to go back and record something else on the open tracks on the SD card, which sounds totally ridiculous to me.

I find it very hard to believe that these otherwise fine machines would be unable to do this very fundamental process in multi-track recording; something that a 4-track cassette tape recorder could do decades ago. These machines have 32+ channels, awesome effects, great sound... but you can't overdub? Seriously? Recording on a cassette tape can do something this $3000 board cannot do? Please tell me that this is not true.

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answered Apr 16, 2019 by benpierce (98,890 points)
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You can kind of do this but it's probably not exactly what you want. You can arm several tracks and hit record. Then go back to the beginning and arm several other tracks. The problem comes in when you try to hit record again. It automatically jumps to the spot where you left off. So you wouldn't be able to track your guitars while listening to your drums that you tracked. You can do this easily via USB with Studio One, just not with the onboard SD recorder.
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answered Apr 16, 2019 by bennettwilliams1 (240 points)

I was going to pull the trigger and buy one of these boards. But NO OVERDUBBING ?!?!?!?! - my god, is that lame. Absolutely ridiculous. 32+ tracks, $3000+ price, and I cannot overdub to create a song?  Unbelievable. Totally inexcusable. Wow.

Dear PreSonus - YOU HAVE GOT TO FIX THIS !!! 

Please make a software / firmware update that will allow overdubbing during SD recording in a StudioLive mixer. 


commented Apr 17, 2019 by benpierce (98,890 points)
The only mixer I know of with this functionality is the Zoom Livetrak. That is a completely different class mixer and was built specifically for that type of mobile recording. No other mixer in this class (or even higher classes) that I know of has overdubbing capability onboard. This mixer is designed as a live mixer or studio desk. The functionality you want is completely there via USB and AVB. You can actually record up to 64 tracks simultaneously via USB or AVB. This mixer is designed to be used with an external DAW. Even with the Livetrak, you are limited to 22 channels. This is the only mixer that I know of that even has on-board recording capabilities for 34 channels without buying an expansion card.
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answered Apr 18, 2019 by wietsesterckx (3,190 points)
With all available DAW possibilities nowadays, and the possibility to use the mixer as a DAW controlller, I really don't see much reasons why a mixer should support this...
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answered Apr 28, 2019 by jfletcher (330 points)
I'd like to see this feature too. I currently use Studio One in my small studio and think it would be awesome to be able to take a studiolive desk to a large rehearsal room to track drums and overdub guitars etc without having to bring a computer. The Zoom Livetrak can record 20 tracks and overdub at 96kHz. I'm sure a software update to allow this is possible Presonus? Seems like a logical thing to be able to do. One for the wish list!
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answered Oct 22, 2020 by karimnasser (230 points)
I am in the same boat, I left an answer on another thread. Overdubbing is an essential feature for me, and I won't rely on a computer, OS, software for any sound production. I will gladly buy if a firmware is released. Mixdown and mastering would also be welcome.