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More Robust Marker Workflow

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asked Apr 21, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by bobbyphillipps (780 points)

I'd like to see better implementation of markers. Specifically to borrow some things from Pro Tools.

1) In PT, you can jump straight to any marker using the numpad by typing .(period), the marker number, (period). For example, if I want to jump to marker 17, I would type .17. on the numpad. I know the period key is currently default as "return to start" but something similar would make marker navigation much better than it currently is, and allow for quick access to more than just 9 markers.

2) In addition, I'd like to see a marker list. The current workaround is to use the arranger track and have that open on the right side, but I would love to see a more robust way of handling these.

Thanks for listening to your customers, PreSonus!

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