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Right Click Marker Track to Set Song Start and End Points

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asked May 23 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by davionbrown2 (810 points)
It can be a pain to find endpoints if you made the track5 to 6 mins long when creating a project. It would make it easier to right click >set song endpoint.

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answered May 24 by robertgray3 (27,480 points)
There’s key modifiers to do this.

I believe it’s CMD click and ALT click on the market track.

No right click action needed
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answered Aug 7 by hitwriter (1,220 points)
The original OP is correct...  There should be a way to right click on the the Marker Track and select Set Start Marker or Set End Marker!

This should not have to be decided before recording and having to drag across a song project find the End Marker and Pull it Back!

Why is this not already an option....  You can right click and go to start or end but can not set!
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answered Aug 7 by hitwriter (1,220 points)
The RobertGray3 solution sets.. the loop...  It does not move the End Marker