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Transposing in V4 ... weird.

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asked Apr 25, 2019 in Studio One 4 by patriciaadams1 (320 points)
Need to transpose entire song. I found the transpose option by clicking on a track and opening EDIT and then opening the dropdown in there. Well it allows an option to write in the key you want... but how do you write B flat? I could write B, but my keyboard doesn't offer the flat symbol. So I tried the other option, I typed in -2. I needed to lower the whole song to B flat minor from C minor. But that didn't work either, nothing changed. So I closed the program without saving so it would return the values to what they were. Opened up program and went in to see if the transpose options had returned to their original values... no, they stayed to what I had changed them to! So I had to change them back myself and save. Crazy. The song didn't seem affected either way but this is weird. I never saw a software that it wasn't just very easy to transpose a whole song with just a few adjustments that could be just as easily changed back if you wanted to. Disappointing.

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