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Can we please get the possibility to download an older version of Notion where handwriting works???

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asked May 4, 2019 in Notion by nilsblomqvist (1,400 points)
I suspect that the community that actually write music (handwriting) is a miniscule minority. Handwriting does not work in Notion 6.5    I have tried different versions of 6.5 prior to .470 but same result..

I opened a ticket with support and got the answer that this is a known problem and that "Hopefully this can be addressed in a future build.."   Where is the future, 6 months from now? A year from now??

Handwriting used to work without trowing in garbage copies of previously written material into the score.

As of now - handwriting is USELESS!    Since I crossgraded to Notion, I have no possibility to download 6.0 Does anyone know if there is a way to go back to a version prior to my payed for version, 6.5 ?

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answered May 4, 2019 by gregdenson (7,690 points)
Sorry for the "dumb" question here, but, did you have a version of notion that "did" handle handwriting before?

If so, did you delete the install file(s) from your download folder?

Not meaning to insult your intelligence, but every time there's an upgrade or update, it downloads the install to your default download folder (windows, not sure if mac has this), and then installs it.

So if you had a version that worked, and you haven't cleaned out your download folder, then you "should" have have install file

I did see where you said you did a cross grade, but it wasn't clear whether or not you had a version that handled handwriting and lost that ability due to upgrades.
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answered May 5, 2019 by nilsblomqvist (1,400 points)
There are no "dumb" questions - just dumb answers.  The previous install-files are gone - as in cleaned out. The handwriting used to work.

I lost the handwriting ability or rather - an error in code was introduced sometime during this spring resulting in garbage notes when you are entering new ones,  and I have tried to go back to the versions still available under 6.5.*** but to no avail. I have been working in both Notion and Staffpad, sending my work back and forth between the two programs. I had the notion (no pun intended..) that it would be nice to be able to choose among a plethora of VSTi:s but I´m OK with what I´ve got in Staffpad.

I´m uninstalling everything Presonus now and continue to work in Staffpad only.  This experience has proven Presonus software to be too unstable for me. I´m on a schedule and this has taken too long time already.
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answered Sep 26, 2019 by LLIypik (1,880 points)

Go to your My.PreSonus account page -> My Products -> Notion 6. There will be "View Previous Versions" button just before the blue button for showing bundled downloads.