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Is there a way to get Studio One V4 to use more than one audio interface similtaneously

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asked May 4, 2019 in Studio One 4 by gregdenson (7,900 points)
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I have a Presonus studio 18/24 audio interface. I also have a Line 6 Helix rack multi-effects processor that also has USB audio interface capabilities.
Studio One V4 will allow me to select one or the other audio interfaces, but not both.
Line 6 Helix rack has the ability to set up 2 separate signal paths that can have inputs and ouputs assigned differently.


I'd like to be able to record a processed (Line 6 processor) track while at the same time recording an unprocessed
track to a different track.


Since the Helix can set up two separate signal paths, I can set signal path 1 for guitar in, through various effects, (reverb, delay, chorus etc) and out the 1/4 inch or XLR jacks and into the Presonus Studio 18/24 interface to be recorded on track one.
Path 2 would be set to  guitar in, straight through and out USB output, no processing to a different track in Studio One.
In Studio One, the first track input would be the Presonus line 1&2 to record the the Helix XLR outputs (path 1),
The input for track 2 would have its input set to Helix USB to record the unprocessed signal sent out of the Helix USB (path 2)
(This would allow me to do some 'post recording' processing to the audio track if I want some different sounds)

Problem is, this can't be done since I can't get studio one to "see" both audio interfaces at the same time.

I'm probably making this more convoluted than need be, and I "could" just switch between audio interfaces when doing this.
But that solution isn't always going to work depending on the situation.
Both devices also have S/PDIF ins and outs, but I haven't been able to get that to work either. So either S/PDIF isn't what I thought it is, or there's another setting I haven't found yet.

Any thoughts or tricks to get Studio One to see both interfaces?

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answered May 8, 2019 by michaelkhaleel (950 points)
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If I correctly understand the goal and Helix has a simultaneous + routable, Pre Effect (DRY) signal out option, you should already be set.

Send Helix WET > 1/4" stereo out > PS 18/24 Analog IN > channels 3+4; to record effected guitar signal.

Send Helix DRY > S/PDIF out > PS 18/24 S/PDIF IN > channels 5+6; to record SAME guitar signal, but not effected.

Then Studio One should playback Helix effected recording on channels 3+4 and Helix pre-effected recording on channels 5+6, using only 1 converter - the 18/24.