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Is there a way to set channel gain on the RML32AI without Universal Control?

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asked Nov 14, 2022 in Ai Mixers by jakub9 (360 points)
While the gain controller in Universal Control works fine, I was wondering if there exists a way to do it that can integrate with a DAW, like a plugin that sends the same control information over ethernet without UC. If not, would documentation describing the UC ethernet traffic be available so that I can write a plugin like that for myself?

The reason for that is that while UC is ok for live mixing, it's next to useless for recording, and while the RML32AI makes for a very good multichannel interface, ultimately the recording itself always happens in a DAW like Reaper, and switching between the DAW and UC and then further switching between all 32 channels inside UC is very frustrating and cumbersome, especially if the recording has to be done quickly.

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