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Audio Box Driver

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asked May 13 in AudioBox USB by bartoszbaran (120 points)
Hi guys,

I've seen more people had similar issue and there's some short hint in the FAQ but it still doesn't work for me.

I use Win7, 64bit. The problem is when I install the Universal Control I get a warning that the driver is not digitally signed so I should watch out. I click "install the driver anyhow". In this moment the window pops up again. So again I click to install the driver trying to force the machine. After secondary attempt the window disappers and it seems that the installation process comes to an end and all is fine. But when I launch the Studio One and select Audio Box as an audio device I get an error "..AudioBox could not be initialized. Check hardware confing and try again".

What I've tried so far is: checking for any missing Windows update (security update links). It recognizes my system as already up to date. I turn off the Windows Firewall and Windows Defender and it still doesn't allow me to properly install the driver.

Did anyone had similar issue or did the standard procedure normally work?

Is there a way to get the Audio Box driver only - instead of the Universal Control bundle installer?

Perhaps some files to be simply copied into right directories?

Thanks in advance.



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answered May 18 by christhomas15 (2,370 points)
edited May 18 by christhomas15
Try uninstalling the driver and reinstalling the USB audio driver.  UC is really for higher end interfaces. I have the audiobox USB and I use the stock driver with aiso4all when I used windows 7. UC is for interfaces and control surfaces that has firmware that can upgrade like the ATOM or the Studio 1810