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Midi events to project pool just as audio events - ability to see what is there, timestamps and whatnot

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asked May 23 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by Nip (2,350 points)
I find midi is neglected - yet it is probably more than half of every project for most of us.
Maybe not separate files on disk - but still miss this.

a) no way I found to check when it was recorded - timestamp
b) no total overview of project of ALL events/clips whatever you prefer to call it
c) caching of takes/layers as for audio would be useful as well - good history

Thanks for voting.

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answered Aug 9 by Scoox (11,450 points)
Another reason for this FR is that currently shared MIDI clips can have different names and colours. As soon as you have a bunch of shared events, it's very hard to keep track of what's linked to what. By having a single "source" event in the pool, shared events would be easier to manage.