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Include MIDI events in the pool

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asked Aug 9 in Editing by Scoox (11,450 points)
Just like Audio events, MIDI events should also appear in the pool. This is needed to effectively manage shared copies.

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answered Aug 9 by damiangerarddamiangerard (280 points) 2 flags
Hi there! I inherited a nice turntable along with fairly big speakers and a pretty big receiver. I recently moved to a very small studio, so space is limited. I’ve been looking for new speakers, and do I even need the receiver to play music? Pardon my ignorance regarding the subject matter. What I’m trying to get at is...can someone help me with the best possible setup to have the turntable make the sound, haha. And budget is I suppose 500 or so? Is that doable?
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answered Aug 11 by wanhedagomes (240 points)

got this same issue!!!

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