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asked May 23 in Studio One 4 by fooks815 (380 points)
I gotta say...I was floored by the Studio One 4.5 update. I am seeing some things being added slowly. Which slowly is cool. Don't rush it. Get em right! But you guys have added some things that seem to point to Post Production functionality. Please add AT LEAST 5.1 surround support for composing to film. Also, a couple video thumbnail tracks would be great!

I've also always thought if you combined the Quantum and the Fader Port 8 into a single interface for Studio One would be the cat's pajamas!

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answered May 23 by AlexTinsley (764,610 points)
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Thank you for your support. 

There is already a feature request for 5.1 surround support. 

Please vote on that one, we will close this one so not to create more duplicates.

Please keep feature requests separate and post them in the Studio One Feature Requests Category. 

Please create a new request with Video Thumbnail Tracks as your title. 

For your Quantum FP8 Idea, put that FR in General Feature / Product requests.

Please explain (in as much detail with mockups if possible) in your post to get the greatest level of visibility to the developers.