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Timestretching in Studio One 4

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asked May 23, 2019 in Studio One 4 by martymininger (360 points)

I want to stretch andio file to fit on a given tempo.  The track is 82.2 bpm.  I would like it to be 82 bpm so when I turn on metronome and line it up with the first downbeat then have it click and stay on tempo through the whole song.  Then I can export to Garageband on my IPAD and go mobile.  The help files tell me what it can do, but not telling me the steps.  I'm legally blind so to even read the help files is an event for sure.  I would think its easy but don't know where to being the timestretch.    Marty Mininger

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answered May 26, 2019 by vanhaze (1,560 points)
selected May 28, 2019 by martymininger
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- Select the Track on which the audiofile is on.

- Open Inspector. You see "Tempo" ?

- For "Tempo", choose "Timestretch"

- Rightmouse click on the audiofile.

- Type "82.2" in the Field "File Tempo"

Does this help ?