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PLEASE HELP!!! I can't route individual outputs from Ableton Live 10 through Presonus Studio1824c

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asked May 25, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by jimmyc81 (1,940 points)
HI! I just bought 2 Studio 1824c interfaces and I can't get either one of them to route signals through just 1 output. When I route a track to channel 1, it comes through 1 & 3. The same with routing to channel 2, it comes through 2 & 4. And then routing to any channel 3 through 8, it comes through all the channels. I've tried both the interfaces I just received today and I get the same thing. Is this a bug with this new interface or am I missing something? PLEASE HELP!!!!

My setup is:

Macbook Air 13" Early 2015 A1466, 2.2 Ghz Intel Core i7, 8GB ram, 512 SSD, macOS Mojave 10.14.5

Ableton Live 10 Standard

Presonus Studio 1824c

4 Answers

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answered May 25, 2019 by jimmyc81 (1,940 points)

I just updated Universal Control. Now no matter what output I route a track to, it comes through all the outputs. WTF!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!

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answered May 25, 2019 by edramsey (2,170 points)
Hi.  Open Universal Control and select one of your 1824's. Click the universal control gear icon and select "mixer bypass." See if that makes any difference in the behavior. My guess is that you are experiencing "help" from the universal control monitoring capabilities with your interfaces. I have the 1810 and get similar behavior. Going forward, if the bypass makes a difference, you can read the slim documentation on universal control and start to play with it for your interfaces. It can help in situations where you need sophisticated monitoring for studio situations. Good luck! -Ed
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answered May 26, 2019 by jimmyc81 (1,940 points)

HALLELUJAH!!!! Thank you to edramsey for the fix. That should be a big sticker on top of the interface...


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answered Feb 21, 2021 by gregfeezel (200 points)
@edramsey - you ROCK! I had the same problem and your fix was spot on.  Thanks man!

You're right @jimmyc81 - should be a huge sticker with that tip!