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Feature request, I Need the main volume knob to control volume on all 8 outputs on the studio1824c

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asked Feb 24, 2022 in Completed Feature Requests by carlocitron (140 points)
I don't use ports 1 and 2. I use the outputs 1 through 8 for my speakers. Set up in the audio midi setup. there is 1 speaker connected each port. So I can monitor 5.1 audio. My problem is that these ports put out 100% power. Which will blow my speakers. I need the main volume know to control the volume for all out put ports. Just like my maudio profire 610 did. On my old computer. So can you add a check box. That I can click to enable the main volume knob to contour the volume on all the out ports? for Studio 1824c? other wise this device is useless for me!

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