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Studio One 4.5 Grouping function & automation

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asked May 26 in Mixing by Daw Stew (3,350 points)

Just installed v4.5 and have been testing the grouping function. I've grouped my Bass DI and Bass amp tracks and have added automation to the volume expecting that both would be linked. It is not. It means copying and pasting from the DI track to the Amp

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answered May 26 by tothrec (1,970 points)
Sounds like you really want to go into the Console [F3], select both tracks then right-click to select "create VCA for selected tracks".

That will give you a single place to control/automate the volume faders for those tracks.

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answered May 27 by tommikujala (3,470 points)

Totally agree about this!  Here's a feature request I did, about the same subject: