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Automation on BUS doesn't work

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asked Oct 18, 2020 in Studio One 5 by christophangerer (210 points)
I have a bus channel (and associated folder) with a few instrument tracks inside/routed to. I copied the volume and pan automation from an existing audio channel onto the BUS (in case that's important. I don't think this should matter). In the mixer, I see the BUS fader go up and down and the pan go left and right. However the audio doesn't follow, it stays at the same volume and pan. If I mute and unmute the BUS channel while automation is happening, the audio changes as expected; so it's sort of working but not really.

Does anybody have experience with this?

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answered Oct 24, 2020 by christophangerer (210 points)
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Answering my own question, Presonus support helped me. The issue was that I had low latency monitoring turned on which apparently turns of (some) automation. None obvious, but disabling low latency monitoring made the automation work again.