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cant open new project and locate mix down file

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asked Jun 11, 2019 in AudioBox USB by davidcolebrook (190 points)
i have studio one artist version  4.and i have a song i made, using a song i downloaded free from youtube to practice. and when i finish mixing the song and try to send it to master or mixdown, it does everything but the file cant be found and the open page wont show me open new project. im new to this DAW can someone please help?

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answered Aug 2, 2019 by Jamesrhone1 (200,330 points)
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You will want to create a support ticket for this type of issue.

Here is a link to create a ticket:
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answered Jun 13, 2019 by tothrec (10,680 points)
Sounds like you have two problems:

1. You can't find the project you worked on
So you mixed it down then closed S1?  And when you re-opened it, it did not show that song in the list of recent projects?
There is a File/Recent projects option you can try.
You can also create a new project and this time take a look at the folder it is defaulting to

2. You can't find the mixdown of the song you worked on.
When I Song/Export Mixdown (I'm not sure about your comment "send it to master or mixdown"), it opens the folder into which the file was created.
As suggested above: create another project with any audio.  Song/Export Mixdown (pay attention to the location and options regarding what to select and the format).  This is likely the same folder your original mix was sent to.

Hope this helps,

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answered Jun 15, 2019 by davidcolebrook (190 points)
hey steven this is my first time on the daw. so the open new project never was showing on my start page when i downloaded  the daw .
but i try it with a new song when i press CTRL+E and it the export page settings open when i change the name and select wave or any other format the folder save to the laptop but when i go to the start page the new project dont open. and i cant seem to find how to open the master page in the settings in the top left corner