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some articulations will not insert into a notion score

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asked Jun 12, 2019 in Notion by arnondewindt1 (1,270 points)
hello , i am working with notion 6 latest version and it worked well , but today  i was trying to put a crescendo on the score and you see the parameters but it will not insert into the score.  is there something i am doing what is not ok. it worked perfect before but only the cres and the dim and also the <> signs are not insterting into the score

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answered Jul 10, 2019 by theodoresladovichjr (730 points)
Hi. Are after you click the ">" or "<" do you click directly on an initial dynamic marking (i.e., "f", "p", etc.) and move your cursor (not pressing down on mouse) on the next dynamic marking with a click. The dynamic marking should shift down.

Not sure this helps, but I initially had the same problem until I read or viewed a tutorial video.