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Request for Integration of CC1 and Velocity into Notation Dynamics (score)

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asked Dec 6, 2023 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by alejandrocorts1 (260 points)

Hello everyone,

I hope you're all having a great day. I'd like to suggest an improvement for Studio One that I believe would be extremely useful for many users, especially for those seeking a faster way to advance in their compositions through musical notation.

The request is as follows: integrate the reading of CC1 (Control Change 1) and velocity directly into the dynamics of notation. This would not only provide more detailed control over musical expression but would also be a significant step forward in creating more realistic performances in Studio One.

I believe this feature would be beneficial, especially for those of us who see musical notation as a quicker way to progress in compositions. I've noticed many people interested in this. 

Thank you for your attention!

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