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When we can expect this feature, that a Faderport is controlling UC ?

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asked Jun 16, 2019 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by Andy64 (660 points)
Unfortunatelly the request/issue is still not solved as I know, even though it is part of the Top5. By means this "old thread" is still effective.

However, the Faderport shall/can only control UC. Monitoring functionality from on stage back to FOH is not possible, because the Faderport does not include audio anyway. Monitoring ist not required here.

Is there anybody knowing, when we can expect this feature?

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answered Jun 16, 2019 by wahlerstudios (105,310 points)
Your original feature request was for the AI rack mixers and the "answer" from PreSonus was the CS18AI and the DAW mode, bringing both worlds together in a (nearly) perfect solution. The CS18AI never left space for a Live Faderport. Therefore you should start a new feature request for the Series III rack mixers and describe the profile of a Series III Live Faderport. How many faders should a Live Faderport have? 16 + Master/Flex fader? Mute buttons? What else? Should it handle only sends (Main, Flex Mixes, FX) or also returns (FX)? And how much could a Live Faderport cost?

A Live Faderport as AVB device is unimaginable, so it could only function as remote control using WiFi. This means that a Live Faderport and UC Surface (tablet or computer) would be acting simultaneoulsy on the same level. A Live Faderport as "control" for UC Surface does not make sense. It could only support UC Surface by adding real faders and buttons.