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Is there a "mute safe" for muted channels in sub folders when soloing the main folder??

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asked Jun 20, 2019 in Studio One 4 by rpdaple (670 points)
I use folders to keep production elements organized.  For example I'll have a master folder "ALL DRUMS" and then I'll have sub folders for "Kicks" "Snares" "Drum Loops" "Percussion" with several channels assigned to each of those.  If I have a beat going and I have a few channels muted (for example I don't like the shaker so in my perc sub folder I have it mute) but want to quickly solo the whole beat by hitting solo on my master "ALL DRUMS" folder it unmutes those channels so now I'm hearing a mess.  I would love it if the muted channels stay muted when soloing the master folder so that I'm only hearing the active channels in that group.  Kind of a Mute Safe like you do for solo safe on FX sends.  Does this exist??

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